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Mswipe - Mobile POS Solutions

Mswipe is a low cost, easy to use, secure mobile POS solution that works with smart, conventional phones, tablets and computers. Mswipe is a smart payment collection machine. Mswipe terminals accept all Debit & Credit Cards(including VISA, MasterCard and RuPay), EMI, UPI etc.


Provides Easy online and mobile accessibility to card transaction details, settlement reports & cashier Training

Mswipe - Accept payments

  • Accept all cards, UPI, Samsung Pay
  • Anytime customer support
  • App - Notifications and Reports
  • Portable, compact, wireless terminals
  • Electronic chargeslips

Mswipe - Features

  • Highest payment industry security
  • Compatible mobile platforms- Android & IOS
  • Compatible PC platforms
  • Over-the-air firmware update
  • Over-the-air Terminal configuration

Mventry - Manage your business (Mobile POS)

You can manage your business with MVentry. It includes Billing, products, suppliers and inventory, customer and loyalty.

  • All-in-one inventory management
  • Android POS application
  • Safe and secure
  • Multi user, manage multiple stores
  • Integrated payments, GST ready
  • Owner dashboard & MIS reports

Our Products

  • Retail POS is the Deshtop-based version designed for all retail chains and franchises whose outlets are geographically widespread. Its coverage from POS terminals, stores, warehouses with quick installation, smooth upgrades ultimately results in reduced IT capital for the retail POS.

  • PayBuddy is a Desktop based application product developed in core C#.NET and MYSQL combination. It is a one stop pay roll process management tool for an organization.

  • Laconic IMS (Institution Management System) is a Cloud ERP that empowers educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education, while taking care of administrative tasks and assisting in repetitive resource intensive activities through seamless automation.

  • Libro is a Desktop based application product developed in core C#.NET and MYSQL combination. It is a one stop Library process management tool for an organization.

  • Asset Tracker is a desktop application help to tracking physical assets of an organization. Category wise asset can be managed by this application. It contains the systematic Item management, Transfer and maintenance. It helps to audit the assets which available in a campus. Each item can be accessed with Item code or barcode .

  • ChitFund Plus is a desktop application used to manage all the process of Chit Fund Company. It allows creating more than one branch for the Chit fund Company. Customer subscription, group creation, auction, Payment collection can be manage managed by ChitFund Plus.

  • FitPro is a desktop application used to manage the GYM process like membership and Payments. It Contains GST include Billing features. There is an automatic Expire alert for membership & Trial.

  • CableLink is a Cable TV Customer Management software, developed by Hello India Solutions. This software helps to Local cable TV operators (LCO) to manage their business in an efficient way.

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  • WisePad TM
  • WisePad G2 TM
  • WisePad G2 Plus TM
  • WisePOS TM

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