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AGILE methodology is a practice that promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project.

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Agile Model Features

  • The customer has early and frequent opportunities to look at the product and make decision and changes to the project.
  • Agile model is considered unstructured compared to the waterfall model.  Error can be fixed in the middle of the project.
  • Small projects can be implemented very quickly .  For large projects, it is difficult to estimate the development time.
  • In agile testing when an iteration end, shippable features of the product is delivered to the customer.  New features are
              usable right after shipment.
  • It is useful when you have good contact with customers.  Documentation attends less priority than software development.
  • Testers and developers work together.At the end of every sprint, user acceptance is performed. It requires close communication
              with developers and together analyze requirements and planning.

Our Services

  • We have extensive experience in both technology and design, having developed captivating interfaces, both interactive and non-interactive for our mounting client base.

  • In an intensely competitive global marketplace, it is critical for businesses to improve their operational efficiency in order to keep pace with constant industry changes.

  • The Technology practice at Hello India helps clients meet any discovery challenge with confidence. Because requirements can vary from matter to matter,

  • As animation industry is going great speed in recent times anything involves animation when it comes to media world. We proudly say that we have placed a prominent footstep in the field of animation and media.

  • We has strong expertise in developing mobile solutions for a wide range of devices and platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Systems Integration & Support performs installation, configuration and ongoing management services to customers.

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